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Kokyo empowers you with the tools fans need in one app.
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Jens Hilgers

Founder of ESL & Dojo Madness

Kokyo is simplifying fandom. In a cluttered and complex social media environment, you are following your favourite team and players in, Kokyo provides your single all-in service and maximizes your entertainment value.

Tarik Celik

PRO CSGO Player & Founder of Gooshed

No matter the sport, community is the catalyst in making what it grows to be and who we, as players, become. Platforms that allow fans to speak their voice, and help direct the meta are what we need to strive; Kokyo looks like it hit the nail on the head.


Get those dank memes ready.

We live esports. As diehard fans, we know some of the best moments happen between the matches. We also know that with the growth of esports, there's a demand for powerful tools and effective platforms for fans to come together. That's where we come in.

Engage on one app, join infinite conversations.

Find your tribe. Meet like-minded fans who care about the teams and games you love.


Not all heroes wear capes.

Some don't even wear pants. At Kokyo, we know that communities don’t run themselves. Building one takes some serious TLC. 

Whether superfan or esports newbie, Kokyo is committed to building tools and rewards to support you, the ambassadors of esports. Join us in elevating your esports experience. With or without pants.

Reap the rewards of your hard work.

Fuel the success of your community for old and new members, alike.


The game's not over 'til we say it's over.

Esports fans these days have some great tools at their disposal, like Twitch. Kokyo aims to build on that experience for the fans while enjoying the best form of entertainment on the planet. Oh, yeah. We went there.

Kokyo supports the fan experience before, during, and after every match.

We've got values. So do you. Koyko is a space for great discussions without the flamers.

No copy pasta here. Kokyo is custom built, and fan tested.


We love keeping score, but we know you want more.

What kind of esports tool would we be without your match stats? Keeping you in the loop is our jam. With Kokyo, you'll stay up-to-date and on top of your teams. Not literally, though. We can't promise crowd surfing.

Never miss a game with our match calendar.

We like to push notifications, enemies, and the esports agenda.

Looking for a stream? Look no further.


Press F to pay respect to your messy home screen. 

Overwhelmed by what seems like hundreds of social media channels? We've got you. Imagine a world where all of your team's posts can be found on a single, sleek platform. We've got great news. It's here.

Your fear of missing out is cured. Follow a team on Koyko, and you'll never miss an update again.

We believe in filters. Kokyo tidies and compacts your social media feed into one, relevant timeline.