Introducing Stories

  • The latest version of our Dashboard experience is here! Stories give you even more control over the content you want to see and by whom. Use the Filter to further fine-tune your experience.
  • Removed matches that were incorrectly showing
  • Match countdowns will no longer skip a second
  • Your Team's Logo will now correctly show on the left again

Known Issues

  • There are some inconsistencies with “Liking” a piece of content, but this will be addressed in the next update.
  • The match countdown sometimes shows negative numbers.

New Dashboard Experience

  • The first version of our new Dashboard experience is here! We now make it even easier to know how your team performed in their last match and when and who they are up against next. We have lots more planned for the Dashboard so stayed tuned for more updates!

  • Undefined/TBA Teams now have their own avatar.
  • Resolved a crash related to viewing matches that had undefined/TBA teams.

Streamlined the onboarding experience

  • Simply put, we made it easier for new Kokyo users to create an account.

New Team Search Functionality

  • You can now search for teams by what games they have rosters in.

UI Improvements

  • The Designer wanted changes, we made changes. The UI is now better however, he is still unhappy. Please feed him chocolate.

Added consistent logo placement for the teams you follow

  • Your Team will now always be on the left-hand side on the Matches section.

  • Filters will no longer copy themselves as you change team channels
  • Filters will now show the correct content (i.e LoL Roster when LoL is selected)
  • Leaving a reply on a Timeline post will now correctly make you follow that discussion and receive notifications.

  • Pre and Post-Match Notifications
  • Spoiler Free option
  • Added the first version of the match detail view (you'll find all match information here in the future)
  • In case you forgot which match you are commenting on, we added some information above where you are typing
  • Performance updates when scrolling

Discussion Notifications are here! You can now get a notification when someone mentions you, comments in your topic, or comments on a topic you’re following. We’ll be rolling out additional notifications for match updates soon.

Note: iOS users will be logged out after updating.

  • You can now toggle filters by tapping the names of games in the left drawer.
  • We no longer show if a card has 0 “Likes”
  • We fixed the fire icon for reporting.  That was silly
  • The report button actually works inside the discussion detail view (the one where you can see the replies).
  • The side menus don’t prevent you from swiping back (iOS only)
  • The number of “Likes” a card has is correctly shown.  We aren’t too good at math here, sorry for the mistakes