Streamlining your match tracking

Ollie Taylor
Ollie Taylor
Design Lead

We love keeping score, but we know you want more.

What kind of esports tool would we be without your match stats? Keeping you in the loop is our jam, that's why we're diverging from solutions used by other match trackers and developing our own unified system. To best understand how you'll be following teams check out our Feature Friday post covering the Kokyo Timeline.

The content filter

Filtering content in your timeline has the same effect when you move over to your match feed. Toggle match summaries from each roster to show only the games you want in the moment. All of this with a quick swipe.

Soon after alpha launch we'll be introducing our match detail page with additional tools such as stream links and rosters. We're welcoming your ideas over on the Kokyo Wishlist!

Never miss a game with our match calendar.

Whether you're following an entire team, or just one game, Kokyo will always prioritise making it easy and fast to keep up with the matches that matter. No copy pasta here. Kokyo is custom built by esports fans.

Everything in Kokyo can spark a discussion. Joining the conversation from a match page allows fans from both teams to discuss the upcoming match.

Easy match tracking with Kokyo

Kokyo is committed to building tools that help you track matches the way you want. With Kokyo, you'll stay up-to-date and on top of your teams. Not literally, though. We can't promise crowd surfing.